Wife full sex with soldier after coming from winning a war

Wife full sex with a soldier after coming from winning a war. Sexy housewife patiently waited for her soldier husband for coming back from the war. in my wife’s sex movies, She has masturbated a lot with the memories of her husband. As the soldier came Knights of Darkness, the wife of said soldier, walked forward and the soldier’s eyes got a bit more drawn to the woman. “How are you?” She asked. “Fine.” She said with no sarcasm.

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He said as she walked toward him “I’m fine and walked over and hugged him and kissed his head. His eyes grew even bigger, he kissed the head, and then she stood there for a minute, eyes wide, smiling and smiling. When she finally turned and looked at him, she was smiling with tears in her eyes. Then the last man of the world, who did not fight, even though he lost, now stood before her, face serious and eyes full of tears, while her friend looked all shocked and speechless, as his eyes filled with hatred and disgust. Her friend said “You will pay!” as the man walked away from her.

My wife said to him with that smile, I am sorry, honey. I am so sorry. You have no idea. There is a reason that you are not with me in my dreams. No one has ever been able to take that away. Perhaps I will take it from you. You’re doing fine. Your husband will come back soon. Now you need to sleep, okay? I’ll wake you in the morning.” With that, my wife full sex babe winked and said she’ll be waiting for you and her tween daughter.

The soldiers looked stunned at the scene, then the twinkling eyes of a woman, looking back at them, as they turned away, tears still in his eye. They didn’t understand it, of course. That I had gone back to my room, changed into my pajamas, had my first ever orgasm.


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