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Enter step lesbian loving babe Kendra Spade’s bedroom. She sighs and rubs her temples. Stressed, she folds her arms. Eliza Ibarra enters and she relaxes alone. They lean against the wall, silently greeting. Kendra is initially quiet, but Eliza soon speaks up. Was it always so hot? ‘Are they always this loud? That’s why I came in. ‘I forgot your name.’ Kristina Eliza ‘I still don’t recognize you.’ Eliza is fine. So Kendra isn’t familiar with her. ‘All these new names and faces are a little overwhelming,’ Eliza admits nervously. Do you move a lot? Kendra explains their relationship. Eliza muses and Kendra nods, trying to keep track of all their cousins. Kendra says only half of them.

The step lesbian loving babe Eliza then observes Kendra’s lack of interaction with her family. Kendra squirms, determined. She admits to feeling like the family’s oddball. Eliza ponders. Kendra is the family’s only ‘black sheep’. It’s lonely. Eliza pauses, then approaches Kendra. ‘Baa,’ she murmurs.

In awe, Kendra Also? she exclaims. But I’m not ready yet, so keep this between us. Kendra sighs deeply and shrugs. ‘OK, fine. You’re hot, so I’m sorry we’re related. As second cousins, we…’ Chyrstina “Kendra is insane!” Eliza blushes quietly. Kendra squints at her and says she can be CRAZIER. Nervous and joyful, Eliza So, Kendra is now even more flirty, reminding Eliza that her family is always on the move, so there shouldn’t be any awkwardness between them… Kendra soothes Eliza’s shivering arm. Kendra teases her about her cold. Warm her up, Kendra thinks. ‘Come on! ‘One life!’ ‘Are you 18?’ Kendra confirms Eliza’s hurried check. A kiss against the wall from Kendra. Surprised, Eliza melts into the kiss, wanting it.

They’re soon caressing each other’s bodies. Plucking her hard nipples, Eliza gasps. Go, Kendra! They don’t want to get caught. Kendra undresses and buries her face in Eliza’s juicy pussy. The family’s black sheep, but things are about to heat up.