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Alina topples off the bed, ending the pillow fight. Wait! Now only three are talking! Despite her smack talk, Alina is the first to bed. Kali, Judy, and Kendra decide to relax by comparing their breasts. While Kali thinks it’ll be amusing, the other two are unsure. Everyone removes their shirts, revealing their perky boobs. Kali’s nipple rings surprise Judy and Kendra, leading to some light and exploratory touching. Judy offers to massage Kendra, and Kali offers to massage Judy at the same time. After a nice massage, Kendra and Julie pass out, leaving Kali victorious!

Kali, the new champ, breaks out a bottle and has everyone spin it. Initially reluctant to kiss their friends, Kendra and Judy gradually gain confidence. After some coaxing from the teenage lesbian loving babes Kali, everyone moves from sweetly locking lips to eating each other’s pussies. Tonight, everyone wins!