PASSION-HD – Vina Sky Feet Labor Day Fuck In The Pool

What a calamity!! This time around, the Dirty One has been outdone by the sexy Asian babe Vina Sky feet!!! In the midst of roaming the whore-filled streets of Miami with the busty Asian babe Vina Sky, Ugs’ big dick boss came across this unbelievable Asian slut by the name of the labor day celebration. The fact that she was only 4 feet nothing made me think she was too young for the job.

After a pointless conversation on the swimming pool deck, the busty Vina Sky feet drag this bitch into the dimension xxx, otherwise known as the swimming pool, where she is thoroughly entertained! When this whore made lo-mein out of her ass, she gushed sweet and sour juices out of her ass. This has to be one of my top 5 favorite photoshoots of all time! Enjoy! The infamous “Dirty One!”


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