Nuru Massage – Kendra Spade – Sexy Asian massage heal

Sexy Asian massage-loving man, Marcus London’s car broke down. He pulls something in his back when he gets a flat tire. When he calls to inquire about massage availability, Kendra Spade gladly informs him that one is available. Marcus gets in his car and drives away, relieved to be getting some much-needed TLC. At the salon, Kendra is sexy in her bra and G-string. She prepares the room while Marcus is away, pouring Asian Hotties gel into the wooden bowl. She gets some on her fingers and licks it up with her tongue. Marcus arrives and asks if anyone is there. When Kendra enters to greet him, he notices she’s a new girl and worries.

The sexy Asian massage-loving babe Kendra assures him that she has the perfect technique to relieve his back pain. There’s no massage table insight when they walk in together. When Marcus asks where the table is, she explains the Asian Hotties and why they work better on a mat on the floor. When she tells him they’ll be showering together, he takes his clothes off. They get into the shower together and Kendra starts massaging his back, chest, and legs. She begins to lather his body. She grabs his cock and starts massaging it. When they get into the bath, she can’t help but grab his dick and start sucking it. Once on the mat, she quickly inserts his cock into her pussy. Marcus will return to Kendra for an Asian Hotties, now that his back pain is gone.