Nuru Massage – Brenna Sparks – Asian body massage babe

Ryan McLane enters the Asian body massage parlor panting. He’s clearly excited about today’s appointment. Brenna Sparks enters the room and sits beside him, hand on his lap. She stops being affectionate when he tells her he’s married tomorrow. She’s not the type of girl who wants to serve a married man. When he tells her his wife gave him a pass, she immediately smiles. He adds that since it is his last day of freedom, he wants the best. She escorts him to the massage area, but she is visibly confused. He asks about the massage table.

The Asian body massage babe clarifies that the Nuru options lack a table. After a shower to remove toxins, he’ll lie on the mat while she applies the oil to his body. It looks like he made the right choice when she starts undressing in front of him. Ryan beams when they jump in the shower together. Brenna is soon stroking his cock. She likes the way it feels in her hands so much she has to eat it. Soon after, they both forgot about his pre-booked massage. They get to the mat, but they’re right back at it. This bachelor appears to be making the most of his free pass!