MyFamilyPies – Lulu Chu – Blonde stepsister & mom S22:E3

Aiden Ashley and Clark Kent have invited Lulu Chu and blonde stepsister Codey Steele to Thanksgiving dinner. Haley Spades is also in. While the girls get dessert, Clark tells Codey to get a gratitude journal. Codey stands up and reads aloud from his book when the family returns. On the last page, Codey’s dick is in a hole because he values his penis. Clark tries to send Codey to his room, but Aiden has a better idea: eat dessert with him.

This highlights Codey’s hardon between two brazen girls. They reach out to give a handle. During Aiden and Clark’s exit, Haley and Lulu dive beneath the table for a BJ. Aiden and Clark return for more hardon. Clark makes Codey clean up his stepsister’s mess for Thanksgiving. Aiden yells at Codey to stop. In Lulu’s room, Lulu and Haley find Codey sniffing her pants. So he found them because she sought them. Her miniskirt lifts to reveal her undies. Haley does too. Codey tries to leave, but the girls stop him.

And Haley rubbed Lulu’s hardon while Lulu reverse cowgirled. Leaning into the blonde stepsister Codey’s dick, Haley slams into Lulu. After a while, Haley rolls onto her back and lets her BFF’s stepbrother have at her juicy twat. Haley is pleased and Lulu takes over. Codey cums his stepsister, then caves to the girls’ demands to cum Lulu. Lulu is grateful for her stepbrother’s dick.


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