Mommys Girl – Kendra Spade – Hot lesbian babes at wedding

Hot lesbian babes Kendra Spade gets ready with her maid of honor, Charlotte Stokely. Charlotte notices Kendra is nervous but insists it’s just pre-wedding nerves, which are normal! When Kendra is still anxious, Charlotte offers to help her relax by lying down on her… Charlotte calms Kendra, who is surprised. While Kendra and her fiance used to joke around, she’s not sure it’s a good idea now. Still, Kendra spreads her legs to let her determined bestie taste her pussy.

India Summer, the groom’s mother, enters the room, catching the girls in the act. India isn’t fooled by Kendra and Charlotte’s lies. India must inform her son! Kendra and Charlotte are desperate to keep what happened hidden from Kendra’s fiance and their future together! After the initial shock, India seizes the opportunity. If the girls let her join, she won’t tell her son what Kendra did! Initially hesitant, Kendra and Charlotte give in to keeping their secret safe. India and Charlotte pounce on Kendra, their hands and mouths sweeping over her body. Hot lesbian babes wifey sucking on her breasts and maid of honor licking her pussy, Kendra’s worries vanish. Can she really trust India to keep the secret?

This story was inspired by GTILover 1’s original submission!