Girlsway – Kendra Spade – Hot sexy babes can do anything

When hot sexy babes Kendra Spade opens her front door, Lexi Belle is unimpressed. Lexi, her guidance counselor, was displeased that Kendra had missed their appointment. Why is that? Kendra is embarrassed as she admits Lexi. She apologises, saying she had a lot of chores to do. Lexi wonders if chores trump her future. She’s noticed Kendra hasn’t applied to Gamma University yet, and the deadline is approaching. They’ve been trying to get into that university for years!

Hot sexy babes Lexi is surprised when Kendra says she wants to attend community college instead. After talking to her parents, Kendra has decided to attend community college… But Lexi isn’t buying it. Why would her parents let her attend a community college when she has scholarships to Gamma University? It’s time to face the facts. Kendra finally admits she’s a lesbian and worries about living in dorms with people who know more about sex than she does. She doesn’t want to start her new chapter by being teased for being a virgin. Less stern, Lexi admits she’s a lesbian and has been in a similar situation before. She was helped before, now it’s her turn! What does ‘paying it forward’ mean to Kendra? Lexi says she’ll give Kendra the experience she needs to feel more comfortable in dorms!

Kendra is nervous about her first lesbian encounter. He fondles and suckles her breasts. Lexi then teaches Kendra how to finger and eat pussy. Kendra is already more prepared to take on Gamma University’s dorms!