Fake Taxi – Luna TrueLove – Petite Asian babe fucks in a cab

Petite Asian babe Luna Truelove, a busty brunette, sat in my cab today. We struck up a conversation as she was leaving for the gym. The woman identified herself as being originally from Kazakhstan and said she had been in Prague for seven years. Luna was running late for her workout, so I noticed she was getting dressed in the car. I nearly slammed into a tree! Luna seemed to enjoy the attention and even let me touch her buttocks when I asked her to.

The hot petite asian babe had a hankering for me, so she invited me into the backseat of the car with her. I promised her a discount if she gave me a blowout. After she saw how big my dick was, she stuck it down her throat and licked it with a rim job. Her tight pussy Doggystyle and cowgirl style were both on full display as I fucked her. She sucked and wanked until I gave her a facial as a reward for getting her off!


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