Brazzers – Victoria Cakes – Lulu Chu Lesbian Humper

Victoria Cakes and Lulu Chu lesbian babe share a room, and Lulu is not the easiest roommate. Victoria is becoming increasingly enraged by her filthy habit of pillow humping. Lulu is constantly humping Victoria’s nice things, and Victoria is fed up with it. As a result, Victoria decides to punish Lulu with a few of her own tricks. She conceals a suction dildo in the refrigerator, knowing that it will serve as the ideal distraction for this filthy little perv, giving her just enough time to put on her strap-on and surprise her from behind.

Jokes on Victoria, as this is precisely what Lulu enjoys, and she is not afraid of hardcore fucking. Victoria removes the dildo and attaches it to the refrigerator, where it fucks her. Lulu repays the favor by attacking Victoria with the dildo. This quickly devolves into a scissor-wielding, squirting sexual adventure gone insane. Perhaps Lulu Chu lesbian babe isn’t such a bad roommate after all!