Asian Hottie Volleyball Player Madi Laine Needs Medical

Asian Hottie Volleyball Player Madi Laine Needs Medical. She has scratched the inside of her side with a rusted nail, and it has been brought to the doctor‘s attention that she must have his approval before she can continue playing volleyball for the rest of the season. Her explanation has satisfied him and he thanks her for her assistance.

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Dr. Wrex Oliver is pleased with the explanation she has given him. After conducting a thorough examination, Dr. Oliver concludes that Madi is not in a position to be cleared; however, Madi is adamant that he will work with the Asian hottie no matter how difficult the situation appears to be. After a few minutes, the patient is on her knees, pledging that she will pay the entire amount of the doctor’s note that was given to her as compensation. “I’m sorry,” she says.


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