Adult Time – Kendra Spade – Real lesbian sex babes

I’ve never seen real lesbian sex-loving babes Alina Lopez and Kendra Spade’s friendship. Although they claim to be “just friends,” I believe they are “friends with benefits”! It’s hard to believe they don’t when they talk about each other. I asked Alina how they met and she said they met at AVN in 2018. Alina was newer to the industry than Kendra, but Kendra immediately took Alina under her wing. They’ve been best friends ever since, promising to get through the industry’s crazy, weird journey together.

Alina believes they would’ve been friends regardless of how they met. Alina admires Kendra’s bubbly personality and ease in making new friends. Kendra admires Alina’s self-assurance… and that she is the one in charge of this relationship! Despite sharing a career path, they’d never performed one-on-one… until today. Alina even promises REAL lesbian sex, so Kendra will be ecstatic — and so will you!